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We shape the future of living through the intersection of design, manufacture and global logistics.


Tailored Solutions

for your space.

We specialize in crafting tailored, all-encompassing spatial solutions that cater to a diverse range of settings, including residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, with high-quality furniture at competitive prices.

Elevate your space with bespoke FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) solutions, tailored to your exact specifications for unparalleled style and functionality.

Unlock the potential of compact living spaces with tailored furniture solutions, maximizing space efficiency and property value.

Redefine workspace with our meticulously designed furniture solutions, fostering productivity, collaboration, and an inspiring environment for your team.

Meticulously designed for residential and apartment settings, catering specifically to the needs of electrical contractors and builders.

1. turnkey furnishing


FF&E Service

We partner with owners, architects, and manufacturers closely to translate the unique requirements and objectives of businesses and individuals into a meaningful, visually elevating, and budget-wise FF&E plan.

We take care of delivery and installation, too.



Furniture Set

Discover the untapped possibilities of compact student housing through our specially crafted furnitures. From modular desks to clever under-bed storage set, our curated selection transforms small spaces into functional and inviting homes, enhancing property value with higher returns.

3. Office Furnishing



From versatile workstations to cozy lounge areas, our curated selection is designed to foster a vibrant and productive atmosphere. With high-quality furniture directly sourced from manufacturers, we prioritize both style and functionality, ensuring a thriving community and successful outcomes.

4. lighting fixture

Elevate with


Rest assured, our products have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure their reliability and compliance with industry standards .We will also help you with Lighting Audits and Tax Incentive Program as well as professional AGI lighting calculation and energy reports.


Years of experience. We bring expertise to every project, ensuring exceptional results.


Trusted manufacturers. We source products directly, ensuring quality and variety.


Worldwide projects. Showcasing our track record of success and versatile approach.

What we cover

Property Analysis 1

Concept Design 2

Space Planning 3

Our approach utilizes every inch of a property to create a cohesive experience that reflects their core values and promotes biophilia, fostering a deeper connection with residents and stakeholders.

Furniture Selection 4

Product Optimization 5

Project Management 6

The one-stop turnkey services are designed to be timely and stress-free, placing our customers' satisfaction and overall experience at the forefront of our priorities.

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Customized FF&E

Medina, Washington

Customized FF&E

Ori Stone Way Lobby Renovation


2665, San Jose

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